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Elumba Technologies is a trusted outsourcing company located in Las Vegas USA. We provide enterprises with a wide range of IT solutions and services. We service various types of industries from financial services organizations, health care and services companies to retail and service-oriented businesses for more than fourteen years.

Elumba Technologies consists of a team skilled in the field of software engineering and development. We uphold industry standards in creating original designs that suite business requirement and budget. We follow a systematic and quantifiable approach to the development process from inception to release.

Elumba Technologies consistently delivers high quality services to its clients around the world and ensures customers that projects are completed on time and within budget while remaining flexible to meet progressive changes that are attuned to the needs of the marketplace.


"We build modern digital tools and customize affordable applications that meet the demands of your Company's requirements while adopting Industry Information Technologies standard practice."

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Software Engineering
& Development

Our engineers and trained staff are adept int he field of software engineering and development.


Database Architecture
and Programming

We are experts in building quality database architecture for business and and organizations.


Social media Marketing Software and Campaign

Our digital marketing staff are trained and are continuously educated in the large scope of boosting website


Responsive Design and Web tools Development

Knowing that today's booming trend leans towards mobile devices and platforms


Health care
software Products

Brevity and speed are essential values when developing health care software products.


Business Tools

Large and burgeoning industries need all the logical and automated help they can get.

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